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The only villa with its own online planning guide

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Step 1

When you are ready to hold dates visit the availability page to make your 14 day fully refundable minimum deposit. This can be done by credit card.

Step 2

Once a deposit is made a contract will be sent to you. You have 14 days to review and submit the contract. If within 14 days the contract is not signed, the dates will be released and your deposit will be fully refunded. If you prefer to review the contract first, we are more than happy to send a copy.  Please note that dates can not be held without a deposit.

Step 3

Once the contract is signed your reservation is complete. After that you just have to make the minimum payments to maintain your hold. Most villa rentals require a 50% down payment but Flor de Cabrera offers the option of monthly payments so you do not have to make a large down payment upfront.

Step 4

On your time! One of the best things about choosing Flor de Cabrera is our online planning guide that will save you countless hours and emails gathering information from your other invited guest. Our system streamlines the process so you can gather all the information in one place. The system also serves as a very detailed estimator so there will be no surprises on your bill.


Lets talk

As this is a big decision we find it really helps to talk in person to clarify all your ideas, questions and concerns. Please email us the best time to talk and we will make ourselves available. Please note what time zone you’re in so we don’t call too early or late.


Not an outside agency

We are not an outside rental agency who has never visited the property. The villa and this website is maintained by us so you will get accurate and personalized information about the villa, area, and experience. Some of the reasons we elected to build in Cabrera was that it made for a perfect destination wedding and family gathering location. The economics of the country and the friendliness of its people allow us to offer a level of service rarely experienced at even the finest resorts. Cabrera also possesses that authentic charm that you rarely find in a tourist town.