Orchid Suites

Three individual bedrooms and one Studio in the center of Orchid Bay, a stone's throw from Villa Flor de Cabrera. This Suites are available at a special rate for large groups looking to accommodate more guests or service professionals arriving with them. They can be booked all at once or per room based on availability and needs.

Villa Tres Amarras

Finished in 2018 this brand new Luxury villa was built with a courtyard of additional guest rooms that can be rented in a group of 4 rooms. Rental is just the bedrooms with all meals and activities at Flor de Cabrera. The house is located next door. 

Villa Florita

Sitting on a cliff overlooking the ocean, Florita offers 2 bedrooms and a complete detached casita with a Master Bedroom and office. Renovated kitchen and pool along with common areas offer a very unique and cozy environment for your guests, the villa can accommodate up to 8 guests.

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