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“You have worked hard to make our vacation very special. All of us have enjoyed your excellent service and your beautiful smiles. We thank you with all our hearts for an unforgettable Christmas vacation!! We will think of you until we meet again.

The beautiful setting and villa took our breath away. The constant breeze together with the attentive, smiling service made our time in Flor de Cabrera the perfect vacation.”

– Susan Washburn (Family Vacation)

“The Clark-Porter family would like to “thank” the staff here for there hospitality. I’ve truly enjoyed every moment. Looking forward to a return trip.”

– Clark-Porter Group

“You have left us all speechless! Our vacation was everything we imagined it to be… and more. We couldn’t have asked for a more perfect week! This was a very special trip in honor of my moms 60th birthday- with immediate family and very dear family friends’ attending- some which we do not get to see that often. Villa Flor de Cabrera turned out to be “our own little paradise” for our special occasion. The villa was great for festive days and nights- spent socializing, and equally as great of catching some rest and relaxation, and alone time. And the staff seemed to know just what you needed exactly when you needed it. They are incredible! So warm and friendly- full of smiles as well as completely professional and attentive Villa Flor de Cabrera is one of the most beautiful, breathtaking locations we have seen, and is certainly blessed with its caring staff.”

– The Mehlko Group

“What better way to spend Dave and Karen’s 30th wedding anniversary but in beautiful Cabrera, D.R with all of the family together? To bring 16 people together in one place at one time took a lot of planning but every waking moment made it worth the effort. We ate well, partied into the night, laughed, cried, hugged, kissed, and strengthened our very being of family. It was the vacation of a lifetime.

-To the staff- thank you from the bottom of our hearts. You all were so wonderful to us. Professional, courteous, friendly and you make us feel so comfortable in your country. Dancing, talking, and having a great time is just what we all needed to help us relax and enjoy!  We love you all!”

– The Townsend Group

“We can not begin to say how much we enjoyed our stay here. Everything has been absolutely spectacular!! It is really like being in paradise here! The entire team at the villa works really hard to make sure everything is perfect! … And not for a small family. To be able to accommodate 14 people equally as wonderful is a really hard task and we ALL are so appreciative!! This has defiantly been one of our favorite vacations… we cannot wait to come back.

To everyone at the villa, we thank you for such a wonderful time!! We hope to see you all the next time we are here!

We really did have a great time.”

– The Milgrams Group

“I knew from the second that we walked up to the house, this was perfect for our wedding. The food was great every night and day. The view from our room is stunning! It rained on our wedding night, and we both just stayed up for hours watching from our bed. Wish we didn’t have to go back to Texas!”

– The Spitler Group

“We were down here for our friends daughter’s wedding. This place is a piece of heaven. It is truly beautiful and close to perfection as you can get. The staff was great and attentive. The food was gourmet. Liam- you do a great job. We hate to leave.”

– Mahopac NY Gourmet Club

“The success of our filming could not have been possible without your incredible attentions, cares, and service. You put up with all our unusual T.V crew demands and you never failed to amaze us.”

– Occupation Double 4 Cast & Crew

“Another great year in the DR. Thank you for your service, attention, and care. This has been a wonderfully relaxing vacation that we will never forget. The view of the ocean is serene and calming. We are so thankful that we were able to spend another new years with you all! We hope to see you again next year.

¡Feliz año nuevo y muchas gracias para todo!”

– The Oberwagers Group

“To the beautiful, kind, and accommodating staff of the Flor de Cabrera!

This was the first trip outside of our country and you all made it an awesome experience! We felt as though we made friends for life. Thank you for making us fell so welcome and cared for in your beautiful country. As beautiful and luxurious as the villa is, it wouldn’t be the same without all of you!”

– The Potkulski Family

“A fun and relaxing trip!
Everything about Flor de Cabrera was perfect! They rooms were amazing and beds super comfy. The pool was perfect for the kids with its shallow areas. Generally we don’t like to stay in homes with a full staff however Flor de Cabrera was an exception. The staff was friendly and fun to have around. It was also great to have the tennis court and game room to satisfy our competitive nature. The beach was beautiful! Great for walking and exploring (not ideal for swimming). Roasting marshmellows over a beach bonfire was definately a highlight! The massages that we has were wonderful! My husband and I get massages almost everywhere we go and we rank the massage in our top 3 best! Overall a wonderful experience at Flor de Cabrera.”

– Jennifer R

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