Destination: Cabrera

One of the best kept secrets in the Caribbean!
Cabrera is a small town located at the eastern end of the North Coast of the Dominican Republic. Situated between the larger towns of Nagua and Rio San Juan and lying alongside the Atlantic coast Cabrera, historically, was an agricultural town, its main sources of income coming from cattle, meat, milk production, coconuts, and rice as well as fresh fish and shellfish. Originally called ‘Tres Amarras’ at it’s foundation day on July 1, 1891 Cabrera was renamed to ‘Cabrera’ in honor of the hero of the Capotillo Battle, General José Cabrera.

What makes Cabrera so special in the eyes of those who know it or have discovered it? Maybe it’s because Cabrera has some of the most beautiful beaches in the Dominican Republic as well as rivers, exotic vegetation and many natural attractions including a National Park reserve located in El Breton, a small section of Cabrera called Cabo Frances Viejo; possibly because it is host to some of the most prestigious and luxurious villas you will find anywhere in the Dominican Republic in the Orchid Bay Estates development located just outside the town, or maybe it is the genuine warmth and hospitality offered by the local inhabitants to visitors to Cabrera.

The Dominican Republic is located in the Caribbean, southeast of Cuba, on the island of Hispaniola. Christopher Columbus discovered the island that he La Isla Española and was the center of most of the colonial exploration by the Spanish. The last burial place of Christopher Columbus is in the “Columbus Lighthouse” or Faro A Colon which is in Santo Domingo, Dominican Republic.

The Dominican Republic occupies roughly two thirds of the island which corresponds to the same size as Vermont and New Hampshire (turned sideways) at approximately 48,500 sq. km.


The geography is quite diverse and ranges from soaring mountains to desert expanses to lush rain forests. While most travelers settle on its beautiful coast and beaches, the true beauty of the country is found in the center of the island where its three mountain ranges run parallel to each other. This explains why Columbus called it “paradise found.”

The Dominican Republic is a democracy with duly elected representatives and a republican form of government. The country has enjoyed political stability since the mid-1960s when the constitution was formed following the overthrow of the Rafael Trujillo dictatorship. In the early 1990’s the government began a series of aggressive economic reforms that has helped turn the country into a dynamic, attractive and safe venue for business and for tourism.

The climate is semi-tropical offering almost perfect weather conditions throughout the year. The temperature in the summer months, from May through October, will range from 89-95°F / 31-35°C and the winter temperatures, from November through April, will be 75-90°F / 24-32°C. The hottest month of the year is August and the coolest is January. Hurricane season is June – October but the Dominican Republic, and particularly the North Coast, are spared many storms due the landscape.

Welcome to Cabrera, Dominican Republic

Cabrera is a small, unspoiled, pristine town hugging the northern coast of the Dominican Republic just between Rio San Juan and Nagua in the province of Maria Trinidad Sanchez. After arriving at the Puerto Plata (POP) airport you are whisked eastward via taxi about 50 miles or slightly more than an hour to arrive in Cabrera. The trappings of tourism have not yet spoiled this picturesque rural community so it presents an exceptionally charming, colorful and quiet area.

The beaches in the surrounding area are truly memorable (Playa Grande, Playa Diamonte and Playa Caleton stand out).

Cabrera enjoys the constant, cooling east-west trade winds throughout the year. And just outside of this pristine little town is the exclusive, gated Orchid Bay Estates community where Villa Flor de Cabrera is located – right on the stunning, golden sand beach at Orchid Bay.


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