“Find that Photo” contest

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two walking on sand “Find that Photo” contest

Villa Flor de Cabrera “Name that photo” contest.

Every day Flor de Cabrera will post a new photo on its FDC Facebook page. The picture will correspond to a name or place on the Flor de Cabrera website. The first person to identify the name or place of the posted picture will receive a $25 voucher towards anything we offer at Flor de Cabrera; Rental, meals, beverages, massages etc…..

If you’re not sure you will ever visit Flor de Cabrera you can donate your vouchers to the FDC supported Faro school. Your vouchers will be converted to a cash donation to help local schools in Cabrera with school supplies, scholarships and teacher stipends.

Rules & Restrictions

  • Contest not eligible to anyone living in the Dominican Republic or to any employee of Flor de Cabrera
  • Winning Vouchers limited to $200 for any individual and $2,000 in vouchers for any one group
  • Vouchers will be issued electronically and maintained on account set up on FDC
  • Vouchers good for 18 months from date of issue
  • Daily contest ends if no one has answered correctly before the next posted picture (normally 24 hours later)
  • Must be over 18 to earn vouchers

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